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Boudoir // Sensual Photoshoot


"Give me 3 hours of your life and I will make your complexes disappear.
Risk worthy? Definitely!"

~Alicja Duchiewicz

My goal is to change your perception of yourself.

What are the benefits?
I'm specialized in portrait and sensual photography, so my Clients enhances their sense of worth and self-esteem.

Join them and:

  • Observe and appreciate the previously unnoticed beauty.
  • Fulfill your dreams.
  • Let yourself experience something nice.
  • Change your image.
  • Discover your model-side of personality.

And the most important:

Make a new beginning with Self-Love.

I'd like to change the perception of women about their beauty,

I like to make people smile,

I love meeting you, couse all of you are the most beautiful women in the world.

Do you need to change something in your life?

Invest in your own development.
Get a photo session.

What can change after the sensual photo session?

  • Your self esteem will increase.
  • The joy you feel will increase.
  • You will start to accept yourself a lot more.
  • Increase your popularity.
  • It will improve your mood.
  • You will be more attractive in the eyes of men.
  • You emphasize your individuality.

I'm a worldwide photographer.
I'm going to visit a particular countries on fixed dates.