Welcome Beautiful!
My name is Alicja Duchiewicz.

I’m a professional photographer since 2005. It’s not only my passion – it’s also work and lifestyle.
Everyone on my photography path made me think, that giving all my heart into this passion is worth it.

I’m happily in Love with one handsome and two cutest girl pugs on the world – Ciapka & Manti. My good humor is made from good music (especially post rock), coffee with milk and of course a lot of chocolate.

Truly #notfit 😉 I’m not eighth wonder of the world, but I like myself, and my mission is to make your self-esteem as high as possible. With photography. Just the way YOU are. My past (before 2013)  is full of sad memories, so I’m prepared to give you support. Now I’m strong, happy Woman, You can be too.

Give me 3 hours of your life,
and I will make your complexes disappear.
Risk worthy? Definitely! 😉

My goal is to change your perception of yourself.

I’m a worldwide photographer. I’m visiting particural countries on fixed dates (in consultation with interested Clients).

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Alicja Duchiewicz Photographer

Photo of me by Kuba Potocki